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27th February 2017
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3rd May 2017
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April’s Tip of the Month


It’s time to start giving your lawn some attention!

It will more than likely need a good cut (if you haven’t already) and it’s an ideal time to use a weed and feed/moss killer to start to get it looking nice for the summer. Now’s also a good time to lay turf and grass seed. Make sure the ground you’re laying it on is aerated, or the seeds and turf will not root as easily. If there’s no rain forecast, give the area a sprinkling of water each day.

Your daffy’s and other bulb plants will probably soon start to look like they are ready for a tidy up, but try and wait until the green starts to die back before cutting it off. This will allow some of the goodness to drain back into the bulbs, helping to grow into a nicer plant the following year.

It’s a good time to plant up your borders with herbaceous perennials and if you haven’t already get your seeding done for your veg and flowers for the summer. Before you do so it’s a good idea to give your greenhouse (for those of you who are lucky enough to have one) a good clean and disinfect. We have everything in stock you need to get started!

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