Tip of the Month

10th January 2018

January’s Tip of the Month

For those of you who like to grow your own, now is the time to plant up your bare root plants such as hedging, roses and […]
10th January 2018

December’s Tip of the Month

If you haven’t already, then make sure you plant the last of your bulbs this month. This is also the time to dead head your roses […]
10th January 2018

November’s Tip of the Month

You can start to order your Christmas Wreaths from us now! Our Christmas Trees are starting to come into stock! In terms of good housekeeping it’s […]
10th January 2018

October’s Tip of the Month

Now is the time to start to use a winter tree wash which will help protect against infestations when the growing season begins. GROWING SUCCESS WINTER […]