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23rd January 2017
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12th April 2017
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February’s Tip of the Month


It’s time to start seeding for the summer, whether it be veg or flowers. Make sure you get a nice fine seed compost to maximise your yield success. We have all you need to start seeding from equipment (for beginner’s too), seed compost and the seeds themselves. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to start chitting your potatoes too.

Providing the ground isn’t frozen then you can start to split and thin-out perennials if need be.

If you have any late fruiting raspberries then these can be cut back to ground level.

Your fruit trees would now benefit from a winter tree wash, which we have in stock. It’s a totally natural product. It will control most insects and eradicates the bug and the egg, thereby preventing infestation when the growing season begins.

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