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12th April 2017
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22nd June 2017
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May’s Tip of the Month


If you haven’t already, it’s time to place your summer hanging basket order. If you already have some hanging baskets then feel free to bring them in empty and we’ll make them up for you and we don’t charge for the labour.


Your seeds will probably be well on their way now so they’ll probably need potting up. You can use a multi- purpose compost now the seedlings are bigger.


Don’t be tempted to put out your summer bedding and hanging basket/patio plants out too soon. Chances are there could still be a frost which summer plants will hate! Keep them in the greenhouse if you have one. A few of the bedding plants that you might be able to put out that bit earlier are Antirrhinum, Geranium, Alyssum, Mimulus, Nemesia and Cineraria.

A good weed and feed will do your lawn a world of good at this time of the year and get it looking nice for the summer.

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