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10th January 2018
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October’s Tip of the Month


Now is the time to start to use a winter tree wash which will help protect against infestations when the growing season begins.


Growing Success Winter Tree Wash is a totally natural product which works through physical action. It will control most insects and eradicates the bug and the egg, thereby preventing infestation when the growing season begins.

You can confidently use Winter Tree Wash on all fruit trees and bushes as well as dormant vines
under glass. Some plants may be susceptible to scorch, so we would recommend treating a small
area first if you have any doubts as to suitability.

Treatment should take place between October and December and then again in late March before
the growing season begins. For best results apply whilst the prevailing weather conditions are calm
and dry.

If you have any perennials that you want to move into a new spot then now is the time to do so. Be sure to move them before cutting them back so that you can see how well they look in their new spot while they are established.

As well as the lawn care mentioned in September’s edition, if you havent already, you need to plant your bulbs whether it’s naturalising them in lawns and woodland areas, or planting them in borders or pots. If you are wanting your hyacinths to flower for Christmas then plant them up now.

Your roses will benefit from a top prune (you can cut them further back in the spring) and mulch the borders that they are in, as well as other borders.

The leaves are starting to fall so clean them away, but only compost them if they are not contaminated with black-spot an if contaminated with black spot.

Oh and before Christmas starts to take over, make up your winter hanging baskets!

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